Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how HTPTours herein referred to as “The Group of Companies” manages your Personal Information and safeguards your privacy recognizing the importance of a privacy act and the sensitivity of personal information strengthens its commitment to protecting any personal matter that it holds, as the user of this website has provided. Therefore any email address or other information collected will not be sold or rented to any third party, your confidentiality is guaranteed, as much as you so choose to retain it.

The Group of Companies Privacy Policy does not apply to information about business entities but it does protect the confidentiality of such information in accordance to The Group of Company’s own policies.

The Group of Companies respects you as an individual and this Privacy Policy exemplifies our commitment to the protection and adherence to its own policy as well as being fair and forthright in all aspects of information disclosure. This Policy puts you the individual, in control of how your personal information is processed as you have our promise that we will not electronically process your personal information in any way that is incompatible with this Policy.

Children (persons under the age of 18)

  1. Are not eligible nor authorized to use this Web Site unsupervised.
  2. We request that children do not register for an account or submit any personal information to us.
  3. We are a member of SafeSurf and acknowledge our responsibility to the world wide web community

This Privacy Policy protects your privacy by informing you about:

  1. The types of personal information The Group of Companies collects about you through its web sites;
  2. When it collects information and the general purpose(s) for which it collects such information;
  3. The types of organizations to which it discloses the information;
  4. The choices and means by which individuals may limit its use and disclosure.

Empowering you to choose:

  1. Whether and how certain personal information you provide is used and where such use is unrelated to the uses for which you originally disclosed it; and
  2. Whether and the manner in which a third party uses certain personal information you provide and where such use is unrelated to the uses for which you originally disclosed it, it shall be addressed at the appropriate time before the third party becomes aware.

Assuring you that The Group of Companies:

  1. Takes reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction;
  2. Implements reasonable policies and procedures to ensure that personal information is kept only for the purposes for which it has been gathered;
  3. Uses reasonable measures to ensure that we have accurately and completely recorded the personal information you have provided; and
  4. Provides you reasonable access to your personal information as well as procedures for correcting or modifying that information where appropriate.

The Group of Companies ensures accountability to individuals who believe that The Company has not complied with these privacy principles by allowing you access to your personal information and validating the accuracy.

1) If you suspect that we have personal information about you, upon your request in writing to view it we will reply immediately, upon receipt should you deem that it is inaccurate, we request that any or all of the information that we have made available be corrected if it is of interest to do so and maintain a proper and valid account.
2) This access does not grant you any rights whatsoever over any image(s) posted by any photographer, irrelevant of whether you can clearly be identified or not, in essence it is his image.
3) In an event where the photographer has posted an image deemed inappropriate, please notify us immediately.

Information Corrections or Changes

You have the right to correct or change certain information in our records, such as but not limited to your address and contact information. The process for changing your information begins in your profile details and you may change this information at any time and as often as necessary. If you need assistance or have questions or concerns about correcting or the information itself, you can contact us via e-mail at, or use live help during business hours for immediate assistance.

We may refuse to accept your request to furnish you with the information that we have collected when we review the information contained within the information that we have collected, we find that

  1. Granting you access would also involve other people and their rights.
  2. In providing you with the information it is against the law when the information that we have collected may impact an existing or perceived legal proceedings against you.
  3. To comply with the law or if we belief that such action is necessary in order to conform to the requirements of the law or to comply with any legal process served on us.

Information Sharing

Although not currently available nor in use, The Group of Companies reserves the right to share Web site usage information about visitors to our Web site for promotional purposes only which may include the use of a reputable third-party advertising company, but at no time shall personal information be shared nor disclosed.

The Group of Companies reserves the right to use Service Providers that meet our demands on a timely basis, whether it is by;

  1. Managing, handling or processing delivery of mailings and or purchases, including emails, hosting etc.
  2. Customer support.
  3. Performing statistical analysis of our website(s) and or services that we may provide.

Whichever the case may be only the information that is need to process our request will be divulged and are thereafter prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.

How We Put Information to Good Use

We use information about you for purposes of ensuring that we:

  1. Bill you and or Pay you promptly
  2. Administer your account in accordance with your agreements with us, and
  3. Properly and promptly provide the services or products you have requested or supplied.

We also use the information we collect to monitor and improve our internal and external operations, as well as to improve the experience of users in our network of sites, therefore the use a cookie file is a common practice to make it easier for users to access our site. A cookie file is a small data file that a Web site writes to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID that the site uses to track the pages you have visited. However, the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. A cookie cannot read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. We use this ID to identify you anonymously in our database and to track the pages you visit on our site so if you have set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies, you will receive the warning message with each cookie. You may refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser; however, some of our sites may require a cookie for access.

Finally, we use the information we collect to direct important notices and information affecting your account and or product and services that you provide or may want, as well as to provide general information that may be of interest to you, including newsletters, surveys, contest and announcements, and information about our service or product offerings or the offerings of our business affiliates. You may opt-out of receiving information from us simply by notifying us of your desire in accordance with the opt-out instructions contained in any information message you
receive from us. Note, however, that in order to fulfill our service obligations to you, we must continue sending you notices and other important information affecting your account where it includes a product(s) or service(s) that you provide.

Getting to Know Our Customers

The Company is in the business of linking both the customer and the supplier both of whom are customers to The Group of Companies. That requires more than simply offering our services it also requires that we understand you, our customer, and your needs and because we will take the time to get acquainted with each one of our many customers, may propel The Group of Companies to be the leading procurement company in the world for the Products or Services it chooses to represent.

We get to know you primarily through the information you provide to us when signing up for, or using, one or more of our services. The information you provide ranges from basic contact information, to payment information, to technical coordinates. The application for membership can be found on the registration page and it is representative of the information we request from you. All of the information we request from you in the procurement process is essential unless otherwise noted on the relevant form. When you purchase or supply to or from our service(s) or product(s) catalog, you agree to provide and maintain accurate complete and updated information.

After you have been qualified and registered for our member services we have an open line of communication where thereafter either may contact the other, about the registered and specific member account and or the product(s) or service(s) that such registered member may provide including but not limited to any technical questions that either may have, or any other matter relating to those products or services. Those communications are essential to our relationship with you and to our ability to provide you with quality services that are responsive to your needs as a registered member. At the same time, those communications give us helpful insights about you and your preferences
helping us evolve the ways in which we might improve our services.The information we receive from or about you is stored on systems designed to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of that information.

With Whom We May Share Information

We do not share any information about you with other Customers or Vendors who may be responsible for handling your account or performing other services that you require (including vendors who may update your credit card expiration date and credit card account number or logistics). With our customers or vendors and only when necessary and appropriate, we may divulge pertinent information however we will not share such information with any other third parties unless directed by you and or except in response to formal requests in the form of a subpoena or court order issued in connection with civil or criminal proceedings related to a registered member, or in response to requests by law enforcement agencies when it is suspect that you or your members or agents are using our services to cause harm or damage to us or others or adversely affect our ability to provide any service(s) or products(s) to our customers.

Additionally, we may share the information stored on the publicly accessible registration database, as well as other information that is not of a sensitive nature, with carefully selected business partners, including those who offer services that complement those provided by us or which may otherwise be of interest to you.

The Accountability of The Group of Company’s Agents and Business Partners Additionally, our information management systems are configured in such a way as to block or inhibit support staff from accessing information that they have no authority to access.

Our trusted vendors and business partners are responsible for processing or handling some of the information that we receive. These vendors and business partners are not authorized to use such information for purposes beyond those specified by us and are required to preserve the confidentiality with which we treat such information. If you feel that The Company or any of our agents, representatives such as in the support staff or employees, is or are violating this Privacy Policy, please contact us via e-mail at

Our Accountability to You

By purchasing our services or products you obtain the protections of The Group of Companies, and consent to the data processing practices described in this Privacy Policy. When you supply either a product(s) or service(s), you also represent to us that you have provided notice to and obtained consent from, any third party individuals whose personal data you supply to us with regard to:

  1. The purposes for which such third party's personal data have been collected,
  2. The intended recipients or categories of recipients of the third party's personal data,
  3. How the third party can access and, if necessary, rectify the data held about them.

In addition to the privacy protections that we provide, our employees, contractors, agents and business partners are independently responsible for ensuring compliance with this Privacy Policy.

Within The Group of Companies and (In House) Accountability

Only those in office administration at The Group of Companies deemed to have been granted rights to administer any or all accounts and have a legitimate business purpose for accessing and handling personal information obtained by us are given authorization to do so. The unauthorized access or use of such information by any staff at The Group of Companies not granted the rights above mentioned is prohibited and constitutes grounds for disciplinary action and or dismissal pending the severity and consequences of said action.

Links and Redirects

1) At The Group of Companies we may provide you with a link or links or a redirect to another website in order to accomplish your request. If the link or redirect is within The Group of Companies, this privacy policy is still in effect; otherwise if you are directed outside our Group of Companies in such a case, you are not covered by our policy but their own privacy policy. We highly recommend that you read each and every one that you participate to navigate to on the World Wide Web.

Notification of Changes

We will post any changes to this Privacy Policy 30 days before their effective date as to allow discussion and compromise where warranted. In such event you will always know what changes we make, what information wecollect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. Ultimately if you are not a member, you are responsible for periodically checking our web site for changes to this Privacy Policy.


Your initial and continued use any of The Group of Company’s website(s) (the "Website") indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older.