New York


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New York

This is a three day three night trip. Pricing starting at $389.00 Canadian dollars per person based on a minimum of seven or more passengers.

Explore the sights and sounds of New York City in the city that never sleeps. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the Empire State Building and The Rockefeller centre (additional fee applies for going up at either). Other attractions that we will visit include Times Square, Central Park,Fifth Ave.Battery Park, Peace Tower (ground zero) and the Statue of Liberty from the only free ride in Manhattan, the Staten Island Ferry. Choosing to visit Statue of Liberty up close and personal will entail 1/2 a day and additional entrance fees. We request that on booking this tour that you inform us if you wish to visit this attraction as well as the Empire State Building as to permit us to plan for this. Be assured that the financial district and Ground Zero will not be missed on this trip.

While in Niagara Falls USA, you can explore the community directly opposite Niagara Falls, Canada and stroll through the park to view the American Falls up close. Various attractions are available here to the visitor, including last minute purchase of gifts before crossing over the bridge into Canada.